Handmade, Good Quality & Design makes the difference

We at Asian Arts & Accessories strongly believe that by only using the best quality products for our bracelets we can deliver the quality that our customers want. We are dedicated in delivering the highest quality of handmade products from Thailand.

At Asian Arts & Accessories we design, produce and sell bracelets of the highest quality using natural products, gem stones and a high quality of silver. All our products are handcrafted in Thailand and 100% handmade. We believe that producing in Thailand, guarantees our standards of quality, much more than in other Asian countries or manufactured in China. We have partnered with the best handcraft artists to make our bracelets.

Look at a examples of our collection bracelets with precious Gems Stones and Silver Beads.

Made with care

The materials picked are carefully chosen and hand-crafted by hand and securely packed and shipped to our valued customers. Due to the high level of quality and the handmade bracelets, we do need a longer production time. Only then we can guarantee the quality level we ensure to our customers.

Our customers value our hard work and high standards of quality. They rather pay more for a finely made piece than for one poorly made and bad quality. Well balanced and interesting design combined with smooth polishing and finishing characterizes our handmade bracelets.

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